Jodhpur Spicy Distilled Gin 43° cl5


Jodhpur Spicy Distilled Gin 43° cl5

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The name  Jodhpur is inspired by the second city of the state of Rajasthan, in the north-west of the India, near the famous Spice Trade Route, used by ancient Asian civilization as commercial route for the commerce of  species, gold, silk and fine fabrics.

The commercial route started in Eastern India (Ceylon, Sumatra and Java) and followed a marine path, but when the muslin invaded the Hindustan, they had to develop alternative ways through the Rajasthan, to travel safer. This event helped the development of the region and the city of Jodhpur, where you can still see the mark of this important commercial activities.

Jodhpur is universally known as the “Blue City”, cause of the color of the houses near the “Mehrangarh Fort”. These were the houses of the Brahmins, the highest and the most important social caste for the hindù religion.  In the past they were considered as gods among men an they were responsible of the spread of the knowledge in the community.

The Jodgpur London Dry pays homage to this fascinating and esotic city. This gin, thanks to the accurate choice of high level herbs ( some of the are cultivated in India),communicates seduction, exotism, knowledge, fragrance, energy and personality at the same time.

Distilled according to the traditional London Dry Gin method, Jodhpur Reserve is a high-quality light amber, copper-coloured gin with a clean and brilliant light from deep within, made from selected grain alcohols, a careful selection of 13 botanists (orris root, bitter almond, saxony angelica, bulgarian coriander, juniper barries, cinnamon bark, licorice root, lemon rind, belgian angelica, moroccan coriander, orange rind, grapefruit rind, ginger), aged for two years in American white oak casks that previously contained brandy and macerated with vanilla and toasted cocoa.

The end result is a perfect and unique gin that combines the art of distillation with the patience of the ageing process. A distillate of great aromatic complexity, with notes of vanilla, dried fruits and wood, Its smooth, unctuous taste, with a subtle touch of caramel, enriched with toasted notes coming from the ageing process is part of the success of Jodhpur Reserve.

Appearence: slightly amber and copper, clean and limpid. Transparent.

Aroma: Very aromatic, elegant and fine in the nose, with delicate and enveloping notes of wild berries like juniper and with fine resin memories at the same time and oak wood very well transformed in time.

Swallowing Sensation: At the end it is dry, very aromatic with ample balsamic memories. Very dilatory, it lasts for a while on the palate and balances well oak wood, vanilla and toasted almonds.

Flavour: Very soft and oily. It has a light touch of caramel, a very fine touch of wood and vanilla, rounded with toasted notes due to ageing.

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